Oshoppo is an online shopping network consisting of websites with detailed information about the best online stores, popular brands, and more.


Our mission for Oshoppo is for it to be the best informational resource for online shoppers around the world. We share information and opinions for online shoppers to decide what stores to shop at and what brands to choose.

With the thousands of online stores and brands to choose from we hope our expert tips will help people make informed shopping decisions.


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Aleksander Blomquist is the editor and founder of the Oshoppo network.

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Christine Loconti is the lead writer. She makes our content shine.

Oshoppo was founded in 2019 by Aleksander Blomquist. It is a Norwegian company.

Since the company inception we have been working on building the Oshoppo network. We work with several writers around the word as the Oshoppo network aims to be as international as possible.